How to use jetpacks in Starfield



    Starfield is a true nod to the old science fiction classics, especially regarding certain cosmetic elements like spacesuits. Jetpacks are iconic elements that go together with bulbous helmets and foil-like suit materials but also have practical use. While they make traversal easier, I found myself using them even in combat sometimes. In this guide, we will cover Starfield’s basic jetpack usage and the quickest way to obtain them.

    Using boost packs in Starfield, explained

    To obtain the ability to use a boost pack in Starfield, you must first unlock it by spending at least one point in the Boost pack training skill. The first rank lets you utilize any boost packs attached to your spacesuit. To use a boost pack while jumping, press the jump button in mid-air to perform a boost.

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    Investing points further into the Boost pack training will unlock more benefits, such as quicker boost regeneration, which shortens the time required to recuperate between boosts and longer boost times. I found the latter particularly useful during my Into the Unknown main mission run, where I used the boost pack to return fire to the spacers as I was descending further into the mineshaft.

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