How to use Easel Canvas in Demonologist



    In Demonologist, there are various tools, such as the Easel Canvas, that players must use to survive during investigations. Here is everything you need to know about using Easel Canvas in Demonologist.

    How to use the easel canvas in Demonologist

    To use Easel Canvas, players must first purchase it through the store in Demonologist. Once purchased, equip the easel canvas to your equipment, and you can use it when you load it into a game. During a match, place the canvas on a table or floor by pressing the left mouse button. However, you should only place the Easel Canvas within a room that you suspect or know the ghost/entity is in for best results. Doing so allows you to make the entity draw on the canvas, revealing which dimension they reside in.

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    We recommend using the canvas when the ghost/entity is most active, or you may not get positive results. Fortunately, you can usually get the ghosts to activate when you explore the map or use tools like Voodoo Doll. Players must also have at least one person waiting in HQ when using the easel canvas. The person at headquarters must keep an eye on the room to quickly add Easel Canvas to the evidence list. For best results, place the tripod camera in front of the easel canvas for easy monitoring.

    How to buy Canvas Easel at Demonologist

    You need to complete some research to get the Easel Canvas in Demonologist. Completing research earns you money, which you can use to purchase Easel Canvas through the in-game store. Inside the store, you can purchase the Easel Canvas for $1,300.

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