How to upgrade the cauldron in Valheim: all the upgrade requirements, explained


    The cauldron is an important crafting building needed to make mead in Valheim. To unlock all of the Cauldron’s abilities, players need to update it, but it is not clear where to start. Fortunately, our guide will explain all the steps and resources needed to upgrade a Cauldron in Valheim.

    How to upgrade a cauldron in Valheim

    To upgrade the Cauldron in Valheim, players need to build a Spice rack, butcher tableY Pots and pans. Here’s how to make and place these upgraded buildings and where to get all the necessary resources listed below.

    • How to make a butcher table – You can make a butcher table using two ancient bark, four core woodand youtwo silver ingots.
    • How to make pots and pans – You can make a pots and pans upgrade for the cauldron using five bars of iron, five black metal barsY ten Fine Wood.
    • how to make a spice rack – To make a Spice Rack, you need three dandelions, two carrots, five mushrooms, three thistlesY three turnips.

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    How to place all upgrades for a cauldron in Valheim

    After gathering all the necessary resources to make all the upgrades for the Cauldron in Valheim, you can place them with a Hammer tool. With the hammer equipped on your hotbar, right click to open the Build menu. Within the Build menu, you want to access the crafting tab and left-click to select one of the required upgrades for the Cauldron. After left-clicking, left-click again to create the desired upgrade for the Cauldron.

    Where to find all the resources to upgrade a cauldron in Valheim

    • Where to find Iron – Players can find iron within muddy scrap piles in the swamp biome. Mining muddy scrap piles will give players scrap metal, which they can use to make iron.
    • Where to find Black Metal – Players can find and make Black Metal from Black Metal Scrap, dropped by Fuling enemies in the Plains biome.
    • Where to find Silver – Players can get Silver by mining with a Wishbone inside the Mountain biome.
    • Where to find Wood Core – Players can obtain Core Wood by cutting down pine trees in the Black Forest biome.
    • Where to find Ancient Bark – Loot chests in Sunken Crypts that are unlocked with a Swamp Key or cut down ancient trees in the swamp to get Ancient Bark.
    • Where to find Hardwood – Cut birch and oak trees for fine wood in the Meadows or Plains biomes.
    • Where to find turnips – Harvestable in the swamp biome, you can also grow Trunips using Turnip Seeds.
    • where to find carrots – You can find carrot seeds in the Black Forest biome and grow carrots using a cultivator.
    • Where to find Mushrooms – You can find and collect mushrooms in the Black Forest and Swamp biomes.
    • Where to find Thistle – You can find and harvest Thistle in Black Forest and Swamp Biomes.

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