How to unlock Shadow Company Daily Missions in DMZ


    In Call of Duty DMZ, you can unlock Daily Urgent Missions for all the Factions, and these help you to gain +100 Faction Reputation every day. The Shadow Company is a new Faction with tons of missions to complete, including Daily Urgent Missions. However, you need to know how to unlock daily challenges. Here’s how to get Shadow Company Daily Urgent Missions in DMZ.

    How to get Shadow Company Daily Urgent Missions in DMZ

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    To unlock the Daily Urgent Missions for Shadow Company, visit the Communications Station from the main menu in DMZ. Over here you can check out the specific challenge required to unlock the missions. For Shadow Company, you need to dead-drop 10 keys to unlock Daily Urgent missions. These keys do not have to be in any specific order, and you can deliver them at any of the dead drops across all the maps.

    I’d recommend depositing keys that you have copies of. For instance, I had three copies of Stage Bag Keys from Vondel, so I dead-dropped a couple of them to progress in this challenge. Another good strategy is to complete HVT contracts throughout a match, as this will allow you to get more keys within a few runs.

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    Remember, you need to dead-drop 10 keys, and this can be done in multiple runs. Ideally, you want to finish this in a couple of runs as it will unlock the Daily Urgent Missions. With the challenges unlocked, you can earn +100 Faction Reputation every day for Shadow Company by completing regular tasks. These tasks include collecting items, dead-dropping medical supplies, eliminating AI forces, and similar challenges.

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