How to Unlock Funky Kong in Mario Kart Wii


    Mario Kart Wii is a very popular racing game in the Mario Kart series of racing games. In this game, you can play with various characters from the Mario franchise and compete with them to be the winner. You can play against real people or against bots. With so many characters and different ways to unlock them, you may be wondering how to unlock Funky Kong in Mario Kart Wii. Read more below to find out.

    How to Get Funky Kong in Mario Kart Wii

    Image via Nintendo

    To get Funky Kong, you just need to do one of two things:

    1. Play a cumulative number of 2250 runs (all races you play in each mode count) or
    2. to unlock four ghosts of the expert staff in time trial. It is best to take advantage of some of the “ultra shortcuts” of the courses to win the races.

    When you start a Time Trial with any character, you will compete against a regular staff Ghost. Once you beat the Regular Staff Ghost in one round with a five to 10 second range, it will transform into a Fast Staff Ghost. Now all you have to do is beat this Fast Staff Ghost in four different races against time on four different maps.

    We suggest playing the shorter maps with the characters you are familiar with. For example, you can play Coconut Mall, Mushroom Gorge, Ghost Valley 2, and Yoshi Falls with the Luigi Mach bike.

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    Before, you could also get it by winning 25 online matches. However, online support is no longer available for Mario Kart Wii, so any of the above ways is your only option.

    Is Funky Kong coming to Mario Kart 8 Deluxe?

    Image via Nintendo

    While there hasn’t been an official announcement, fans are hopeful that Funky Kong will be a playable DLC character in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. After all, he already appeared in Mario Kart Tour, the mobile game, in 2020.

    Nintendo surely knows it’s a fan-favorite too, as virtually everyone in Mario Kart Wii’s competitive days played as Funky Kong. Most of the top ranked ones back then were even Funky Kong main courses!

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