How to unlock Big Beak mount in Minecraft Legends – location guide


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    While playing Minecraft Legends, you gain access to mounts that serve a different purpose, depending on what you’re trying to do. Big Beak is a bird mount that allows you to fly over enemies for an aerial advantage. Here is how to unlock the Big Beak mount in Minecraft Legends and its exact location on the map.

    How to get the Big Beak mount in Minecraft Legends

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    To unlock the Big Beak mount in Minecraft Legends, you need to visit a specific map location where you will find several of the birds grouped together. Interact with them, and you will unlock the mount for use on the map.

    Where to find Mount Big Beak – location on the map

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    The Big Beak mount is unlocked in the jagged spikes area in the north map section, this of the swamp town; open your map and you will see a yellow question mark here. You can place a marker in place of the map, and it will appear on your compass in the world, making it easy to navigate.

    Once you reach the destination, you will see a group of rocks with a group of large birds perched on them. You can’t miss the birds as they are brilliant. rainbow color and stand out against the rest of the area.

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    To add Big Bird as a mount, simply interact with one, and you will receive a notification that “You have unlocked the Big Beak.“If you switch to another mount and ever want Big Bird back, return to the rock and interact with them, and your character will switch to it. You can also change it to a town fountain.

    What does the Big Beak mount do in Minecraft Legends?

    Big Beak has the ability to soarwhich makes it perfect for getting a aerial view from enemy outposts. You can use the mount to enter enemy territory, flanking evil minecraft legends mobs before they realize what has happened to them.

    The frame is also ideal for reaching great heights quickly and easily, especially when using the launch pads which give you a buff to jump even higher. Combine that with the flight of Big Bird and you can soar almost anywhere.

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