How to unlock all gyms in Gym League


    Training is a challenge in all gyms, but it is not the same if you train on the street or in an elite facility. This is why you should learn how to unlock all gyms in Gym League. Prepare your clicking powers and start training right now.

    How to open all gyms in Gym League

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    You must unlock Body Alters to open gyms. This means that you must acquire a certain body level to be able to visit a better gym. This makes sense even in real life, in the case of elite bodybuilding gyms. Each gym requires you to complete certain Body Alter, which means you must train that body 100%. Since Body Alters is just a different name for rebirths, it means you’ll start with 0% body progress. Below you’ll find out how to unlock all gyms in Roblox Gym League.

    1. Gym on the beach – Complete Gold (unlocked at the beginning)
    2. underground gym – Complete tanning (2.5k power needed)
    3. The gym – Complete the Rock (1M power required)
    4. golden gym – Complete Steel (TBD)
    5. cyber gym – Complete the Diamond (TBD)

    How to Unlock All Gyms Quickly in Gym League

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    It takes time to unlock and purchase Body Alters to unlock new gyms in Gym League. Fortunately, there is a way to speed up the clicking process. To speed up the process, always use Power-Ups to increase weight lifting. You will need money to purchase them, so redeem Gym League codes frequently and participate in bodybuilding competitions to earn money fast. This way the clicking process will take less time. But remember that this is a clicking game, so a lot of clicking is part of the game. You can simplify the process by purchasing an automatic clicker for 599 Robux.

    Now that you know how to unlock all the gyms in Gym League, find out more about Gym Auras here on MyFullGames.

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