How to survive stormy days



    A guide to surviving windy days

    normal day

    Usually you always have a shortage of people, just get used to it. Start by filling the most important positions, and then hire people to create less important resources.

    I guess you have 3 trees at the start, so try to build houses around the closest one first. Later I got 2 seeds to plant more trees – and I put more houses, research facilities and radio towers next to the trees, so they don’t use energy at all.

    Only one house is outside the circle of trees (I’m running out of space and looking for more tree seeds), thus the -3 energy via “automatic generations” on the screenshot.

    Windy day

    This is what I do when windy days come: I disable almost all production except water and food. Also, cancel all cleanup jobs.

    For critical resources I maintain production and manually activate power, so people can keep working and not get sick.

    My consumption is -52, and I get +21 at night and +33 during the day.

    The batteries have a capacity of 3k, so that’s enough to last 4-5 windy days. In the worst case, I disable more buildings and usually the coal is not used at all. And vice versa – if I need more resources when the batteries have more energy, I activate the building one by one.



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