How to rust copper blocks in Minecraft


    In Minecraft, oxidizing any of the copper blocks slowly transforms them from their orange hue to a beautiful blue-green. I’ll teach you how to rust copper blocks, how to prevent them from rusting, and what rusted versions of copper blocks look like in Minecraft.

    How to change the color of copper blocks in Minecraft

    All Copper Blocks have four oxidation levels:

    • Regular (not rusty)
    • Exposed (slightly rusty)
    • Worn (moderately rusty)
    • Rusted (completely rusted)
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    To oxidize copper blocks, you just need to place them on the ground and wait. It is a process that requires a lot of effort, but there are efficient and inefficient ways to do it. If you want your copper blocks to rust faster, you’ll need to space them further apart, like the ones in the yellow circle in the image below. Each of these Copper Blocks has four blocks of space between it and the nearest Copper Block. The blocks in the blue circle are grouped together, which makes them rust more slowly.

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    Not long after placing these blocks, I noticed that the rightmost two in the extended section had already become Exposed Copper Blocks. In contrast, none of the blocks in the grouped section had changed.

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    As time passed, the top right block became a worn copper block. Finally, the lower center block of the grouped section has rusted slightly.

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    In the end, only one block of the grouped section rusted to the first level. One did not rust at the separated level, another rusted at the Exposed level, three at the Worn Level, and one even rusted completely.

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    This process can take a while, especially if you plan to create a copper-based construction. If you need a lot of regular and oxidized copper, I recommend exploring and mining through the nearby Test Chambers to get it quickly.

    How to prevent a copper block from rusting in Minecraft

    If you want to use a specific oxidation level of copper clocks in a build, you don’t have to live in fear of them changing and ruining your creation. Instead, they can be set at their current oxidation level using Honeycomb. This can be done by combining the block you want to block in its oxidation stage with the honeycomb on a workbench. It will become a waxed version of the block and will no longer rust.

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    This can also be done by interacting with any copper block while holding a piece of Honeycomb. You will know the block has been waxed when it flashes orange.

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    Every rusty copper block in Minecraft

    All types of copper blocks introduced in the Tricky Trials update can rust, including doors and hatches. I will explain the crafting recipes for each block and what they look like when oxidized.

    copper blocks

    Copper blocks can be used like any other building blocks. They are made by filling the 9 blocks of a crafting table with copper ingots. As they oxidize, they become increasingly green.

    chiseled copper

    Chiseled Copper is a more decorative version of the Copper Block. To craft it, you will need four copper blocks. Place the four copper blocks in a 2×2 square on any crafting interface to produce four chiseled copper blocks.

    Cut copper stairs

    The cut copper ladders can be placed and used like all other ladders in Minecraft. They are made with the same recipe and six blocks of chiseled copper. This recipe produces four cut copper ladders.

    Cutting copper slabs

    Like Cut Copper Stairs, Cut Copper Slabs are identical to the other slabs in the game. Three chiseled coppers can be used to produce six slabs of cut copper.

    copper bulbs

    Copper bulbs are the newest light source block in Minecraft. Like Redstone lamps, they need to be given Redstone power to light up. They are made from three copper blocks, a Blaze Rod, and a Redstone.

    The amount of light that copper bulbs emit depends on their level of oxidation:

    • Normal copper bulbs: Light level 15
    • Exposed copper bulbs: Light level 12
    • Worn copper bulbs: Light level 8
    • Oxidized copper bulbs: Light level 4

    copper gratings

    Copper grates are a unique block because light can pass through them and mobs cannot spawn on them. They can’t drive Redstone but they can puddle like leaves. You will need four copper blocks and a crafting table to make them. Place the first copper block in the center of the top row. Then, place the second and third blocks on the first and third blocks of the middle row. Lastly, place the last copper block in the center of the bottom row.

    copper doors

    Unlike iron doors, copper doors can be opened by hand. This makes them more similar to wooden doors even though they are made of metal. To craft them, place a copper ingot in each box in the first and second columns of a crafting table. This recipe will produce three copper doors.

    Copper hatches

    Similar to copper doors, copper hatches are closer to their wooden counterparts because they can be opened by hand. To craft them, fill each box in the top two rows of a crafting table with a single copper ingot. This will create two copper trapdoors for you to use.

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