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    Almost every game mode in Track & Field Infinite requires you to run faster to emerge victorious. So if you are constantly losing and want some tips and tricks to run faster, you are in the right place on the internet.

    How can you run fast in Track & Field Infinite?

    Regardless of your platform type, you can implement the following techniques to run faster in Track & Field Infinite.

    Pressing the Sprint button

    Many people assume that you have to press the Sprint keys. alternatively to run faster. But that is totally wrong. Instead, you should use both Sprint Keys at the same time to run much faster. For the sake of the guide, let’s assume you are a PC gamer. Now, instead of pressing Q and E alternately, you must press Q and E at the same time. Same time to move faster. Doing this will allow you to gain a one to half a second advantage over your opponent and will help you win more matches.

    Less twists and movements.

    Another major mistake I find in several new players is that they spin a lot while running. You must first understand that, just like in real life, running in a straight line will help you gain more momentum and, in turn, more speed. So instead of running in zigzags, follow the course of your track and run as straight as possible. Use the directional movement keys only when necessary to make a turn on the running route.

    Use arrow keys to move (PC only)

    For PC users, it is much more convenient to use the arrow key to move forward and change direction than traditional WASD. The main reason for this is that the Sprint Q/E buttons are close to the WASD layout and it can be difficult to use all of these keys with your left hand. So, use the arrow keys with your right hand to control the player and press Q and E with your left to make running much more manageable.

    How to Run Faster in Track & Field Infinite – Macro Settings

    If you’re on a PC, you can also use some macros to run much faster than their mobile and control counterparts. To do this, first download the small task Google application. It is a lightweight software/application that allows you to replicate specific tasks without the need for any type of keyboard input. So, all you need to do is record your actions and play them back using the software. Follow the instructions given to record and play back your actions in the game.

    Screenshot of pro game guides
    • Install and run Tiny Task on your computer.
    • Hit the record and press Q and E for the next minute.
    • Stop recording and change the custom settings, set the custom speed between 30 and 50 in the preferences section.
    • Also, enable the Continuous Play button from the same preferences section.
    • That’s all! Open the game and when it starts, press the play hotkey (F8) to use the macro and run faster than anyone else.

    Remember, using macros is against Roblox policy and may result in a temporary or permanent ban. Therefore, use the application at your own risk.

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