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    If you want to know how to play Starfield early, you will need an explanation of how Starfield Early Access will work, as some players will get the chance to enjoy the game before its September 6 release date. 

    Starfield is one of the most highly anticipated games of the year, with it being the next big single-player RPG from Bethesda Game Studios, and its first new IP in over 20 years. It’s finally around the corner after years of delays, but you do have the chance to get it a little earlier than everyone else. 

    Check out our explanation of Starfield early access below and see how you can play early.

    How to play Starfield early

    the Starfield special editions, showing how to play Starfield early

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    To play Starfield early, you will need to purchase one of the game’s special editions, which are the Digital Premium Edition, Premium Edition Upgrade, or the Constellation Edition

    Securing one of these will allow you to play up to five days of early access, meaning players can begin their Starfield journey on September 1 instead. 

    As a Friday, this will also mean you have a whole weekend to enjoy the game early, instead of having to begin playing in the middle of the week on its official September 6 release date.

    However, it is worth noting that there is a disclaimer with purchasing these editions and getting Starfield Early Access. This states:

    “Actual playtime depends on purchase date and is subject to possible outages and applicable timezone differences”

    This essentially means some players will be getting their early access time a little later depending on their timezone, and players who jump in and buy one of these editions after September 1 will obviously have less playtime prior to release. 

    That’s all for our coverage of how to get Starfield Early Access, and now you know you can purchase one of the special editions to play up to five days earlier.

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