How to play Dying Light Co Op (Enhanced Edition)


    Dying Light Enhanced Edition is a full version of the 2015 hit zombie game and the prequel to Dying Light 2. Multiplayer turns out to be a big part of the game, especially since the Enhanced Edition includes a ton of additional content to support this, from Be Zombie multiplayer to DLC as The Bozak Hord. This is how you can play co-op in the game.

    How to unlock co-op in Dying Light Enhanced Edition

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    In order to play cooperatively in the Enhanced Edition, start by finishing the prologue/tutorial. You’ll know you’ve finished it once you reach a mission called First Assignment.

    Then set your game type to Public in your Online menu. You can access this in your Main Menu > Options > Online. Congratulations, you now have co-op unlocked! To join a game, you can choose Quick Join or Browse Games, depending on whether you’re looking for a random room or a specific room to play with friends.

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    Why can’t I access co-op mode?

    The most common reason you can’t play co-op is if your Game Type is set to Private (which is the default for Dying Light Enhanced Edition). Just remember to follow the necessary steps above and you should have no problem playing with friends and competitive strangers.

    If you still can’t get into a room, that just means there are too many people looking for one, congesting the servers. Leave the game for 15-30 minutes and try again. You can also check the Dying Light Official Twitter Account for downtime announcements.

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