How to perform a deep scan in Deep Rock Galactic


    The Deep Rock Galactic Season 5 Drilling Deeper update introduced a new mission called Deep Scan. In this mission, your goal is to locate three resonance crystals, call the driller, and make a raid deep into the mines. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to perform a deep scan in Deep Rock Galactic.

    Deep Rock Galactic – Deep Scan Tutorial

    Screenshot via one man game

    Your first objective immediately after entering the mine is to perform three of five deep scans (i.e. locate resonance crystals). To do this, use the gamma resonance proximity sensor at the top left of the screen. The sensor shows a yellow bar when the resonance crystal is 40 meters away. You should also pay attention to the symbols next to the sensor as they indicate the vertical level of the glass:

    • Diamond: Crystal is on the same vertical plane as you.
    • Triangle pointing up: The glass is above its vertical level.
    • Downward pointing triangle: The glass is below its vertical level.
    Screenshot via One Man Gaming

    When the whistle The sound intensifies and the sensor indicator begins to hit with maximum force, the glass is very close. Start digging and if white rocks underground, you are digging in the right place. After the Resonance Crystal is revealed, press and hold interact next to it to summon scanning equipment.

    Connect the power cable from the computer to the glass and configure the resonance scanner. Now, find the remaining crystals and repeat the process until you have connected them all.

    For the next objective, a perforator He will be sent near your location and you will have to escort him to the deep mines. Get on the platform, turn on the consoles and Activate the drilling elevator to start digging tunnels through the rocks. While the machine does its job, hordes of insects will converge on your position from the top of the tunnel. Defend yourself from attack and stay maintaining the lifting drill (second image) when necessary.

    Soon, the drilling elevator will reach the Morkite Geode (the deep mines where you need to collect Morkite seeds). Destroy the green crystals using your beak to collect the seeds and then deposit Put them in MULE, the old trusty companion you must have been using on other missions to store minerals. Finally, request an extraction; and don’t forget to pick up the jet boots from the drilling elevator (second image). Use them to fly up tunnel and reach the launch capsule to complete the Deep Scan mission.

    There is also a top-down shooter version of this game called Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor. Verify Deep Rock Galactic Survivors Tips and Tricks in MyFullGames for more information.

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