How To Open Symbol Doors


    Signalis Nowhere door codes can be confusing because the keypads have no numbers on them. Signalis is filled with classic survival horror-style puzzles, and this is just one of those head-scratchers. Nowhere door codes are less codes and more patterns, as you will see below. Here is what you need to know about Signalis Nowhere door codes.

    Signalis Nowhere Door Codes: How To Get

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    Signalis Nowhere door codes can only be found in a particular way, and it is tricky to figure out on your own. Nowhere is a confusing place, with doors that leave a room in one direction and enter the next room from another. While exploring Nowhere, you will come across several doors with geometric symbols on them. Each of these doors has a keypad, the buttons have no numbers or symbols, but pressing them causes them to light up. This is how you open the door, but you need to right pattern to do so.

    While making your way through Nowhere, you will come to a large hole with strange gore inside of it. You can jump into it but instead, go through the door to the right of it. Here you will find a wall of monitors with red and black patterns on the back wall and a desk in the centre. Interact with the item on the desk to find it is a microphone attached to a similar keypad to the ones on the doors.

    The trick here is you need to use your radio, so go into your menu, go to your radio, and then to the receiver. Set it to 50.000Khz, then check the display. You will see the shape formed by the device, and several buttons lit up on the keypad below. Increase the Khz gradually and you will hear the tone pitch go up, each time you will see a different symbol and a different keypad pattern. Note each one, the symbol and its corresponding pattern, as these are what you need to open the doors.

    Signalis Nowhere Door Codes: Symbols And Patterns

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    If you would rather skip all the work and just get the Signalis Nowhere door codes, here they are. Be advised, we cannot 100% confirm these will work for everyone. Based on what we can tell, it seems like the codes do not change between playthroughs or from player to player. However, we cannot guarantee that is the case. As such, these are the codes as we know them, the symbols and the corresponding keypad pattern. Press the following buttons in any order to create the pattern for each symbol.




    Top left, top centre, middle right, bottom left, bottom centre


    Top left, top right, middle left, centre, bottom left


    Top left, top right, middle left, centre, bottom left, bottom right


    Top left, top centre, centre, middle right, bottom left, bottom right


    Top centre, middle left, centre, middle right, bottom centre (makes a plus symbol)

    Asterisk (six-pointed star)

    Top left, centre, middle right, bottom centre, bottom right

    Enter those codes at their relevant doors to open them. They are scattered throughout the area, so keep the list of codes handy for when you come across them.

    That is it for the Signalis Nowhere door codes. We will have more guides for the game soon, so be sure to check out the GGRecon guides section for more useful tips.


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