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    As you explore Cyclone Street in Demonologist, trying to catch ghosts and perform an exorcism, you’ll come across a door that says “Mary’s Room” and be greeted with a cryptic riddle that the mysterious woman wants you to solve. Here’s how to open Maria’s room in Demonologist.

    How do you open Maria’s bedroom in Demonologist?

    To solve the mystery of Maria’s basement bedroom door, you need to complete her riddle, which the developers of Demonologist posted on social media.

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    The riddle reads as follows:

    I keep looking at the walls, losing track of time. A descent into madness, words begin to turn false. A blade drenched in crimson, the heart’s blood is due.
    A sleep of the dead consumes me, tormenting my every thought. The abuse is within, or so I was taught.
    The door of love remains closed, while the clock strikes three. My anger contained within, waiting for the key.
    This world I live in, where the line of madness blurs, can only be resolved with particular steps and words.
    I scream into the void, waiting for my voice to arrive. Because if I don’t tell my truth, they will come for me… Maria.
    It’s all in my head. It’s all in my head. It’s all in my head.

    —Maria’s riddle in Demonologist.

    Solution of the riddle of Maria’s room in Demonologist

    There are a few different steps you need to take to solve the mystery of Maria’s room in Demonologist, although no one has managed to open the door yet:

    1. I keep looking at the wallsGonna Maria’s bedroom door and stare on it for a few seconds. Something will happen from inside the room.
    2. A blade drenched in crimson, the heart’s blood”Go to the Chimney. Look at the word “Smile“on the wall with you Camera. Say “smile“loudly into his microphone.
    3. “A dream of the dead consumes me… The abuse is inside”Go to the bedroom and open the cupboard. You will see a bag with the word “Lust” written on it; it is necessary to pronounce this word in your microphone.
    4. When the clock strikes threeUse the ectoplasm glass piece of equipment to look at the wall and find a message that says “3:00 a.m.” This is the time you will need to change the three close watches to. When you’re done, you’ll hear a clock chime.
    5. scream into the voidback to the basement and look in the Bookshelf here for him Limbo book. Say “Limbo” out loud and a passage will open. Get into the hallway and say: “they will come for me” loudly into his microphone.
    6. Mariago up to the bathroom about him last floor and face the mirror. Say “bloody mary“out loud in your microphone three timesJust like the real life ghost story.

    As of yet, the door hasn’t opened, so it’s unclear if the puzzle actually leads to entering the room or not. We’ll update this if anything new comes up.

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