How to move objects in Starfield without picking them up or equipping them


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    Starfield is a true Bethesda RPG, with the world being littered with objects you can collect. Some objects have no monetary or in-game purpose other than being decorative. However, these are perfect for decorating my home and spaceship, so I’ve gathered them to take back to my bases. But once I want to place them in their appropriate spots, I need to know how to move them without picking the item up or adding it to my inventory.

    How to Pick Up Objects and Items in Starfield

    Picking up objects to move them is an easy process and can be done with any interactable item and some non-interactable items in Starfield. All you have to do is press and hold the E key on PC or the A button on Xbox. Doing so for a few seconds will allow you to pick up the item without adding it to your inventory or equipping it. Press E or A again to drop the item.

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    You can use this technique to pick up and place objects, which is especially helpful for decorating your home, ship, or Outpost. I move objects around to better suit the character I play and have decorated my spaceship to match my background. You can even rotate objects once you have picked them up.

    How to Pick Up Armor and Weapons Without Equipping in Starfield

    Using the method above won’t work on weapons or armor; you’ll equip it instead of picking it up. However, you can use ADS to do to move weapons and armor. Simply aim down sights while holding a weapon and point at the weapon or armor you want to move. Once you are on the object, hold E or A like above, and you’ll pick up the object. You can then release the aim button and move the weapon or armor piece freely.

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    Does Moving an Object Count as Stealing in Starfield?

    It should be noted that if you pick up an object considered stolen, you will still get in trouble. Items in shops should be handled carefully, as I picked up a non-interactable item, and the UC Security opened fire on me. A technique has been discovered to circumvent this though.

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