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    Project Mugetsu is an anime/manga inspired Roblox title Bleach. This action-adventure game lets you explore a vast world and live your dreams as a Soul Reaper or a Hollow. For those who become a Soul Reaper, they also gain the ability to meditate. This is important to reach your full potential, which may have you wondering how to unlock and use meditation in Project Mugetsu.

    To Meditate on the Mugetsu Project, you must first Become a reaper of souls. Once you have changed your race to this Soul Reaper, press the K button to open the meditation menu. You then need to quickly press the buttons displayed to successfully meditate.

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    When meditating, make sure that press the right buttons. This will make you gain experience. These inputs change quickly, so be prepared to push buttons quickly. If you press a wrong button, you will lose experience. This makes mastering meditation important.

    How to Unlock Meditate in Project Mugetsu

    Meditation in the Mugetsu Project is unlocked once you Become a reaper of souls. However, although you can access this, you cannot meditate until you unlock soul society. This becomes available once you reach mastery level 5 in your Soul Reaper abilities and unlock the Senkaimon ability.

    If you try to meditate without first unlocking Soul Society, the buttons will not work and you will receive a message that you are not ready. Fortunately, you don’t lose the experience of trying to meditate before you get to this point. For now, ignore the meditation until you reach the Soul Society in the Mugetsu Project.

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