How to master the banjo in BitLife



    One of the initial goals of the Deliverance Challenge is to master your ability to play the banjo. To achieve mastery of playing the banjo, you need to start taking music classes from an early age by paying the course fees.

    Before you enroll in any course or even start your life, make sure you select a character with a musical trait. Doing this allows you to learn Banjo much faster, helping you finish the objective faster. You can replay for such a character by making a new life one after another or create a custom similar avatar if you own the God Mode DLC.

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    How to take banjo lessons in BitLife

    Once you have started your life and reached high school, you can start taking any singing or music for instrumental classes. To do this, visit the mind body section under the Activities tab and choose the Instruments option. Now out of all the available instruments choose the Banjo course. voila! You’ve signed up for banjo lessons.

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    He continues to take the classes every year. Over time, her banjo abilities will change from red to orange and finally to full green, achieving a rating and mastery of 100%. You can expect this to happen 10-15 years after taking your first course.

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    Remember, all fees will be paid by your parents until you graduate from high school. After that you need to pay $1000 per session to take classes. So, take any part-time job to keep the money flowing.

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