How to make the mace in Minecraft and the best enchantments


    Minecraft 1.21 introduces the Mace, a high-impact weapon with a powerful secondary attack. I will explain how to use the Mace, how to get it, and its best enchantments in this Minecraft Mace guide.

    How to make a mace in Minecraft

    The mace crafting recipe in Minecraft only requires two components. The first is a Breeze Rod, which is obtained by killing the new Breeze mob. The second item you need is a Heavy Core, found in the Test Chamber vault. Since these are the only items needed, the mace can be crafted in your inventory or at a crafting bench.

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    Maces can be used for two types of attacks. The first type of attack is a normal strike, which is performed by left-clicking on an enemy as if using a sword. A normal hit will deal 5 damage in Bedrock and Java editions. However, Java players will have a cooldown to use their mace at full power again. This is represented by the typical cooldown icon in the center of the screen and an image of the mace rising to the side of the screen.

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    Maces have a stronger attack called a smash attack. A smash attack is performed by jumping from a higher point to attack an enemy below you. Crushing attacks are likely to become critical hits and deal additional damage based on how far you fell.

    • For the first three blocks you fall, the Mace will deal 4 additional damage per block.
    • The Mace will deal 2 additional damage per block for the next five blocks.
    • If you fall more blocks, each block will add 1 additional damage.

    You will not take any fall damage after hitting the ground and performing a smash attack. After the attack, enemies near the mob that was hit will be pushed back.

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    Note that you do not need to fall to the ground to perform a smash attack. All you need to do is left click on an enemy after falling, to be able to perform the attack in the air. If you continue to fall after the attack, your Smash attack will reset and you can perform it again using your spot in the air as the starting block.

    Best mace enchantments in Minecraft

    Six enchantments stand out above the rest when it comes to powering a mace. Three of them were introduced along with the Mace, while the other three are old but reliable.

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    Repair is one of two enchantments that should be on every piece of equipment you have. Allows the mace to repair itself using experience, making it last much longer than non-enchanted maces.


    Unbreaking is the second of the two enchantments that every Minecraft team needs. Unbreakability gives tools the opportunity to avoid losing durability when used. I recommend going with Unbreaking III to make your Mace almost impossible to destroy.

    Fire aspect

    Fire Aspect sets enemies hit by the mace on fire. Enemies on fire will take additional damage based on the level of the enchantment. Use Fire Aspect II to eliminate enemies much faster than usual.


    Density is the first of Mace’s new specific enchantments. Density increases the damage dealt by Smash Attacks by increasing the amount of damage each block adds to the attack’s overall damage.

    • Density I: Adds an additional quarter heart of damage per fallen block.
    • Density II: Adds an additional half heart of damage per block.
    • Density III: Increases extra damage per block to three-quarters of a heart.
    • Density IV: For each fallen block, the Mace will deal additional damage.
    • V Density: Each block the player falls will give the Mace an additional 1.25 hearts of damage.

    Density cannot be used in combination with the Gap enchantment. If you’re playing solo or PVE with friends, I recommend choosing Density instead of Breach.


    Breach is the second new enchantment and the only one on this list that cannot be used with Density. Breach reduces the armor of the hit enemy by 15% per enchantment level. If you are playing PvP, this is the enchantment to choose. This is especially true for Bedrock players, as they won’t have the Mace cooldown that Java players have.

    wind explosion

    Mace’s last new exclusive enchantment is Wind Burst. After completing a Smash Attack with a mace enchanted with Wind Burst, players will be shot back into the air. Bedrock players will always be able to chain Smash attacks together this way, but Java players will need at least Wind Burst II to do so. The height at which players are launched into the air depends on the level of the enchantment.

    • Wind gust I: The player is thrown 8 blocks into the air.
    • Wind Blast II: The player rises 16 blocks into the air.
    • Wind Gust III: The player shoots 24 blocks into the air.

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