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    With the new Lion King update, you can grow a new fruit in your valley, the Dreamlight fruit. However, you will need to finish Simba’s level 7 friendship quest “Seed of Memories” to obtain it. Once you have it, there are a handful of new sweet recipes that use this delicate ingredient, including the four-star Sweet Udon dish. This is how you can prepare it!

    Sweet Udon Recipe at Disney Dreamlight Valley

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    Sweet Udon is a four-star dish, which means you’ll need four ingredients, including the rare Dreamlight fruit. If you haven’t already, be sure to complete Simba’s level 7 friendship quest and grow your tree of dreamlight. The rest of the ingredients are fairly easy to obtain and allow for some flexibility.

    This dish is worth preparing, as it can restore up to 2,624 energy and sell for 629 star coins, even more than the Fish Here and There dishes. You can also save it and give it to your friends throughout the Valley to help increase your friendship. Here is everything you will need:

    • Rice x1
    • Any Seafood x1
    • any sweetener (Sugar Cane or Cocoa Bean) x1
    • Dream Light Fruit x1

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    Where to get ingredients for Sweet Udon in Dreamlight Valley

    The most difficult ingredient to obtain for this dish is the Dreamlight Fruit since once you plant your Dreamlight Tree, you can only harvest the fruit every 24 hours. You’ll want to hold on to as much as you can when harvesting and only harvest with a harvest partner for something else. The rest of the ingredients should be fairly easy to come by, and you can substitute any seafood or sweet ingredients accordingly. This is where you can find everything you need:

    • Rice: Glade of Trust, purchased from Goofy’s Stall for 92 Star Coins (35 per seed)
    • Any Seafood: Dazzle Beach, Glade of Trust or Forbidden Heights, from fishing or harvestable locations
    • any sweetener: Sunlit Plateau, Glade of Trust, Dazzle Beach, harvestable or purchased from Goofy’s stall
    • Dream Light Fruit: Sunlit Plateau, harvestable from Tree of Dreamlight

    Once you have all the ingredients you need, head to the nearest cooking station and combine them all into this four-star meal. This is great for restoring your energy, or you can save it to give away to characters across the Valley for their favorite item of the day.

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