How to make Steve Roblox’s avatar from Minecraft


    One of the best ways to reflect your personality in Roblox is through your character avatars. Initially, customization features were limited. But with constant updates over the years, you can almost create or recreate any character model in Roblox as of late. In that sense, one of the most sought after and recreated character models in Roblox is the character of Steve from Minecraft. Many people equip the avatar model due to the rumor that he has a smaller hitbox than the default. Although the gossip is baseless and false, you can always use the character for fun and nostalgia. So how do you get Minecraft Steve in Roblox? Well, to know that, keep reading the article till the end.

    How to get Minecraft Steve in Roblox

    Unfortunately, you can’t create Minecraft Steve in Roblox by customizing every accessory or piece of equipment for your avatar. Instead, you must pay 40 robux and purchase the full model set similar to the popular Squirrel set, which allows players to play as a virtual squirrel.

    How to buy Steve’s Minecraft avatar in Roblox

    To purchase the avatar, follow the steps indicated.

    Screenshot of pro game guides
    • Launch Roblox on your preferred platform.
    • Open the Market menu. You can find the option at the top of the menu.
    • In Marketplace, type Esteban in the search bar and press the Enter button.
    • Click on the model set made by ev1 and buy it by spending 40 Robux.
    • Return to your Avatar Customizer and equip the mask.
    • Voila! Enjoy playing as Steve from Minecraft on Roblox.

    Does Minecraft Steve have a smaller hitbox in Roblox?

    Contrary to popular opinions on the internet, Minecraft Steve or any other custom avatar model on the Roblox Marketplace does not have a smaller hitbox. All Roblox characters have the same default hitbox size. So don’t expect to take advantage of the model in combat or fighting games.

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