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    The Disney Dreamlight Valley Pride of the Valley update brought a lot of new content to the game, such as characters, a kingdom, and items. One of those items is the glowing blue potion, although you need to craft it with five special items. Here’s how to make the glowing blue potion in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

    Sparkling Blue Potion Recipe at Disney Dreamlight Valley

    To make the glowing blue potion, you need to get five mysterious blue items scattered throughout your Valley and in the Kingdoms. They are:

    1. blue potato
    2. blue shell
    3. blue starfish
    4. Blue Book
    5. blue gem

    Please note that you need to pick up the items at the order set above and save them in your inventory. Otherwise, you won’t be able to grab all of them as you will be blocked by invisible walls.

    Where to find the blue potato in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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    The Blue Potato is found in Ursula’s house on the ground next to his shell throne. Because your home is in a different place for everyone, the easiest way to get there is to go to where you currently are and select Let’s go see your house! to automatically warp there.

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    How to get the blue shell in Disney Dreamlight Valley

    For the Blue Shell, you should go to the moana kingdom. From the warp point, walk good slightly until you see a small sand section with a blue shell in. Walk forward to the ocean from here, and you can walk on water.

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    There’s a invisible maze here, which means you’ll need to navigate through it to get to Blue Shell. Push forwardmoving towards the goodand go behind the rocks in front of you to reach a small island with the blue shell thrown in the sand.

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    Where to find the blue starfish in Disney Dreamlight Valley

    You will find the blue starfish in kingdom of arielwhich is accessed through the small raft in stunning beach. Take the boat to his island and then head left until you reach the point where the sand meets water. Walk forward here, and you can walk on waterjust like in Moana Kingdom.

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    Again, there is invisible walls here so push yourself forward until you reach an invisible wall. Turn to the left and continue until you hit another wall, then turn good about the little sand patch for him cliff wall straight to find the blue starfish on a small section of beach.

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    How to Find the Blue Book at Disney Dreamlight Valley

    To return to stunning beach and then enter the mystical cave, where the opening mission of the game With Great Power took place. Travel to the below of the cave, and you will see the Blue Book for him small pond toward left. Walk towards him rocks here to browse across the water and grab it

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    Where to get the blue gem in Disney Dreamlight Valley

    The final item, the blue gem, is in the Vitalys Mine through the cliff in the sunlit plateau. Once inside, take a immediate leftyou, then a gooduntil you reach a mine cart with boulders in he. Continue forwardand eventually you’ll come to a minecart railway crossing. take the forward path.

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    Continue past the glowing pink mushrooms, and then take the first on the right turn to reach a dead end with a broken minecart rail hanging over a chasm. Look to the left and you will see a big thornwhat can you run over to grab the blue gem.

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    How to create the glowing blue potion in Disney Dreamlight Valley

    With the five blue elements in your inventory, retract a bit until you get to bright pink mushrooms you passed to get to the Blue Gem. take the first on the right you see and walk forward until you reach two mining wagons with a small pond toward good.

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    There is a bright spot in the pond. Interact with it, and you can place the blue potato, blue shell, blue starfish, blue book, and blue gem on the five slots that appear. Do it, and the glowing blue potion will fall to the ground. pick it up

    What is the glowing blue potion used for in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

    At the time of writing this article, there are currently no known use for the bright blue potion. For now, Save it safely in a chest so that when the time comes to use it, you have it waiting in a safe place. We will update this once we know more.

    shout to the Disney Dreamlight Valley Solving the Discord Secrets for being the first group of players to find all the blue items!

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