How to lock on ships in Starfield



    You’ll often find yourself amidst a space standoff while exploring the Settled Systems in Starfield. To get out of such situations, you can either flee the battle zone or fight the enemy ships. You’ll need a special perk to lock on to ships and destroy their systems.

    How to target lock ships during combat in Starfield

    Screenshot by MyFullGames

    In order to lock on to ships in Starfield, you simply need to keep the target in the center of your crosshairs for a brief moment. If the enemy spacecraft moves away, you’ll have to readjust your aim and bring it within the circle to lock onto it. However, to enter the ship targeting mode, you need to unlock the Targeting Control Systems perk from the Tech skill tree for one skill point.

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    This perk allows you to enter a slow-motion, enhanced targeting mode in which you can select the specific part of the enemy ship you want to damage using your weaponry. Once the target lock is complete, you can enter the targeting mode and select the system you want to disable. For instance, you can select ENG to disable the engine, and once the system appears red (see second image), you can dock into the ship when within 500 meters to steal it. Similarly, you can target GRV to halt the enemy’s grav jump and SHD to disable their shield.

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