How to kick out a squatter in BitLife



    The most difficult objective in the Neighborhood Watch challenge is to drive out a squatter. To do this, you must harbor a squatter on one of his properties and then remove him from your property using an agency.

    How to buy a property in BitLife

    Before housing a squatter or any other tenant, you must first have property. To rent properties in BitLife, purchase the Landlord Expansion Pack from the game store for $4.99.

    Once you have the DLC Expansion Pack, head over to the Purchases section under the Activities tab. Now, navigate through the menu and click on any company you like in the Real Estate tab. Browse the list of all available houses and buy one according to your budget. voila! You are now a proud property owner in BitLife.

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    How to find a squatter in BitLife

    After buying a home, the next part is finding a squatter. By default, the game does not provide a list of squatters. Instead, you must rent your house to a tenant with a low credit score (orange or red scores), and over time you will become a squatter by defaulting on payments due to his old habits. Use the image below for a pictorial representation of a potential tenant with a low credit score.

    Image from MyFullGames

    Once you have housed such a tenant, wait 4-5 years to start to stop paying, and with a little more time, they will stop paying rent entirely, becoming squatters. If you click on his name, you can find the Adjacent squatter tag to his title of name, confirming his status as a squatter.

    Screenshot from MyFullGames

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    How to kick out a squatter in BitLife

    Image from MyFullGames

    Finally, it’s time to kick them out of your house. Use the expel option to force them out of the house. After clicking the button, you must select an agency to fight a case against the Squatter. Therefore, choose an agency that demands the highest fee and initiate legal proceedings. Since it’s their house and they have so many predetermined payments, you’ll win the battle and eventually force them off your property.

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