How to Jam at a Named Location in Fortnite


    He fortnite Wasteland map has plenty of new hotspots to explore, and what better way to rock with Metallica than to play one of these named venues? Below we explain how to start a Jam and the best places to do it.

    Fortnite: How to tap on named locations

    To complete this mission, you will need to head to any of the named locations (which are all titled locations on the map) and start a Jam. A Jam is basically an emote that combines the new Fortnite festival musical instruments in BR modes. Here’s how to do it.

    How to improvise in Fortnite

    To start Jam, press your usual gesture button (D-Pad down or B). Then switch to jam loops eyelash. Here, you can select a song to play and switch between any of the available instruments.

    It doesn’t matter what instrument or song you do. Start playing a Jam and let it play while you are in a certain location to complete the mission. If you want to give it a sophisticated touch, you can change the tempo/key of the song while you play or change the loop to a different song at any time. The more people you have in your squad, the more instruments you can add.

    Locations with the best names to perform Jam in Fortnite

    You can go to any named location to complete this quest. However, I strongly recommend using the jam statues to make this search much easier. The Jam Statues are in some specific locations on the map as part of the Metallica event. These statues, when you approach them, will allow you to start a Jam instantly instead of alternating between your emotes.

    Jam Statue Locations in Fortnite

    There are four different Jam statues in named locations, which will make this mission much easier and allow you to complete your Metallica missions simultaneously. Here is where they are:

    • luxurious lair
    • The underworld
    • Nice square
    • Mount Olympus

    Once you reach these locations, instead of opening your emote wheel to start a Jam, simply approach the Jam Statue. Once you are in the Jam radius of the statue, all you need to do is hold down the emote button and the Jam will automatically start.

    As soon as you start a Jam, you’ll get credit for the 4th week’s quest, but if you want to complete your Metallica quest at the same time, try staying at the Jam Statue for 5 seconds.

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