How To Install Solar Panels And Light Bulbs At Sons Of The Forest – SotF Electricity Guide


    Sons of the Forest is a survival horror game with a strong emphasis on crafting and building. It leaves you to fend for yourself in the wilderness to fend for yourself as best you can against bloodthirsty mutants and cannibals. In the midst of such a hostile environment, you must use all resources. The developers have introduced solar panels into the game and the ability to use modern resources to harness electricity. This guide will explain how to set up the lights on your base!

    Sons of the Forest Guide to Basic Electricity using Solar Panels and Light Bulbs

    Sons of the Forest features the ability to use basic electricity by harnessing power from solar panels to produce electrical current, which you can use to power bulbs and illuminate your base. There are three components that you will need to make a basic electrical circuit in the game, and those are:

    • Solar panels– You can get them from loot boxes with yellow lids. They tend to spawn near 3D Printers, so keep an eye out when you’re near their locations.
    • Light bulbs: Bulbs usually appear in boxes with yellow lids, like solar panels.
    • wires– You will come across Wires throughout the game as it is quite an abundant resource.
    Screenshot from MyFullGames

    Once you get all the necessary components, you can start setting up your solar power supply rig. You can make it as complex as you want, but in essence, the build should look like this:

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    • Make a frame out of logs.
    • Make a ramp placing planks in the frame.
    • Place the Solar panel on the ramp
    • Select the Wire and run it along the length of the trunks to where you want a bulb to be.
    • Lastly, place the Lightbulb hanging from the wire.
    Screenshot from MyFullGames

    You can use this technique to string together as many bulbs as you can find because there is currently no limit to the number of bulbs you can power from a single solar panel. Essentially, you will be limited only by the resources that are available to you.

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