How to have a baby in The Sims Mobile


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    Similar to every other game in the series, The Sims Mobile allows players to have a baby with their Sim partner or even choose to adopt a baby. Both are relatively simple processes that only take certain skill levels, a quick purchase, and some patience (unless you have Sim Cash to burn). Here’s how to get your bundle of joy!

    How do you have a baby in The Sims Mobile?

    Level 11 is required to purchase essential items like a baby cradle or bassinet. In order to reach Level 3 in a romantic relationship, you need to participate in various relationship stories, activities, and events. Place the cradle, bassinet, or crib and have your Sim click on it and choose Have a baby with… to get the process started.

    The process of making a baby lasts about 30 minutes, so you can choose to skip it by using some Sim Cash. After the baby is born you can take care of it, feed it, and clean it. In addition, there are some new events that are unlocked involving the baby, like fantasizing about sleep due to having to take care of your child at all times.

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    Can you Adopt a Child in The Sims Mobile?

    The great news is that you can adopt a child in The Sims Mobile. Doing so has the same requirements that you need for having a baby. Simply reach Level 3 in Romance between two Sims and make it to Level 11 in general to purchase a baby cradle, bassinet, or crib from Build/Buy Mode. After buying the baby cradle or other item, click on it and choose to Adopt a Girl with… or Adopt a Boy with… to complete the adoption.

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