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    Man, Pet Simulator X pets sure are cute, aren’t they? With their adorable faces and little cubed bodies, they’re the perfect furry friend! And maybe…the perfect throwable object…? Well, they are in Yeet a Pet! For just two weeks only, players can experience Yeet World and the new Yeet a Pet event minigame, which awards players Yeet Coins that can then be used to unlock new Yeet pets! This event is nothing like Pet Simulator X has ever seen before, so if you’re interested in playing it, be sure to hop in and join before Saturday, Aug. 5, 2023, when it disappears forever, and continue reading the brief guide below to learn more about how to be successful within it.

    How to earn Yeet Coins in Pet Simulator X

    While this event is active, players can visit and explore Yeet World, a space-themed world that contains a new Yeet a Pet minigame, which tasks players with rounding up their rarest pets to “yeet,” or throw, them as far as they can to earn special Yeet Coins. These Yeet Coins can then be used to buy Yeet World eggs, which contain limited-edition Yeet World pets. Every time a player yeets a pet, they will earn Yeet Coins—that’s all there is to it—and, as expected, the farther you throw your pets, the more Yeet Coins you’ll earn, and the rarer the pet you throw is, the farther it will travel.

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    What can I buy with Yeet Coins?

    Yeet Coins are used to purchase Yeet World eggs, which contain the following pets:

    • Jetpack Egg
      • Price:
      • Pets:
        • Spring Axolotl – 84% chance
        • Hot Air Balloon Dog – 12% chance
        • Crash Dummy Noob – 2.2% chance
        • Plane Dragon – 2% chance
    • Fireball Egg
      • Price:
      • Pets:
        • Parachute Monkey – 96% chance
        • Rocket Shark – 4% chance
        • Stunt Cat – 0.13% chance
        • Wild Frost Agony – ??% chance
    • Wild Egg
      • Price:
      • Pets:
        • Jetpack Tiger – 100% hatch chance
        • Stunt Corgi – 0.32% chance
        • Wild Fire Agony – ??% chance
        • Fireball Cat – ??% chance
        • Toilet Cat – ??% chance
        • Huge Wild Fire Agony – ??% chance


    That’s it for this quick guide on how to get Yeet Coins in Pet Simulator X. As mentioned above, these coins can only be used for a limited time, and cannot be used after the Yeet a Pet event ends, so be sure to spend them sooner rather than later if you have some leftover!

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