How to get trial keys and where to find The Vault in Minecraft Tricky Trials


    If you want to make the most of Minecraft’s newest Trial Chambers structure, you’ll need to collect Trial Keys. I’ll teach you all the ways to get Test Keys and how to find the Test Chamber vaults they open.

    How to get trial keys in Minecraft

    There are two ways to obtain trial keys. The easiest way is to get them randomly from the chests scattered around the Trial Chamber. They are not guaranteed to appear on these, but it is very convenient when they do.

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    The most consistent way to achieve them is by assuming trials in the Trial Chamber. Approach any test generator and confront all the enemies it unleashes. Afterwards, there will be a 50% chance that the test generator will drop a test key as a reward.

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    Where to find the test chambers vault in Minecraft

    Like test generators, vaults are scattered throughout the test chambers. I found my first two in a large chamber containing test generators with skeletons holding poison-tipped arrows. It was difficult to reach them, so it is essential to bring basic items to the Trial Chambers.

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    When you approach a Vault, make sure it is a normal Vault and not a Sinister Vault. Regular vaults have a singular face on the front, while Sinister Vaults have three. Sinister Vaults can only be opened with Sinister Trial Keys, so you’ll be wasting your time if you only have normal Trial Keys.

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    To unlock a Vault, place the Trial Key in your inventory. Hold it while interacting with the Vault to unlock it. The Vault will begin to spit out rewards, each of which will land on top of it.

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    All Trial Chamber Loot Rewards

    These rewards will differ between each vault. However, they will be composed of the following elements:

    • Arrows
    • poison arrows
    • Bolt Armor Fitting Blacksmithing Jig
    • Damaged shields
    • diamonds
    • emeralds
    • enchanted books
    • enchanted arches
    • Enchanted Diamond Ax
    • Enchanted Diamond Breastplate
    • Enchanted iron axes
    • Enchanted Iron Breastplates
    • golden apples
    • Golden Carrots
    • Guster Banner Pattern
    • honey bottles
    • iron ingots
    • cliff music album
    • Sinister bottles
    • Trident
    • wind loads
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    Multiple players can open each vault in a test chamber. However, each player can only open a specific vault once.

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