How to get the (relatively) easy research parts.


    A simple guide on how to get research parts.

    Guide to getting research parts easily

    Step 1: Get the dredge.

    First, get a handkerchief from the fishmonger in Greater Marrow. The Collector will then ask you to go to Blackstone Isle. Talk to the collector until he gives you the dredge.

    This is Blackstone Island.

    Step 2: Go to Steel Point.

    An easier way to get there is to go north from Blackstone Isle.

    The steel point is on the part of the map where the ship is.

    Step 3: Fish all dredge spots.

    When you fish all the dredge spots on the steel point. This will (hopefully) give you at least 1 research piece.

    All important dredge locations in screenshot.

    Step 4: Go to the dock.

    The last step is to go to the dock and drop off and save. All dredge spots will then be rebuilt.


    This is a decent way to get research parts so hope this guide helps!


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