How to Get the Ope Devil Fruit in Universal Time (AUT)


    Devil Fruits are great to have in AUT, but most are difficult to acquire. It requires you to be incredibly lucky, have fantastic player skills, or be an excellent farmer. Here’s how to get the Ope Devil Fruit in Universal Time.

    How to get Ope devil fruit in AUT – A Universal Time

    There are four ways to acquire Ope Devil Fruit in A Universal Time. It’s up to you which patch you choose, but I suggest you try them all as some require a lot of luck while others require a lot of time to complete.

    • Farm Devil Fruit
    • Craft Devil Fruit
    • Explore the map collect Devil Fruit
    • Complete the quest Doflamingo’s Daring Trial.

    How to Grow Ope Devil Fruit in Universal Time

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    To farm Ope Devil Fruit, you must continually defeat the surgeon of death Punk Hazard’s boss until he lets go. There is a “huge” 1% drop chance, so keep killing him and you will eventually get him. I guess defeating the Surgeon of Death at least 100 times will be enough. If you’re having trouble finding it, try AUT’s private servers.

    How to Craft the Ope Devil Fruit in Universal Time

    TO ope devil fruit crafts, you will need Law’s Cap, x3 Ope Shards and 3,500,000 UCoins. Follow the instructions below to successfully craft the Ope Devil Fruit in A Universal Time.

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    1. Talk to Bartolomé Kuma NPC and travel to Punk Hazard. You can find Kuma near the football field in the city center at AUT (head in front of the port).
    2. Defeat the Surgeon of Death boss (level 100 with 6,125 health). After defeating him, there is a 25% chance to obtain the Law’s Cap item.
    3. Obtain Ope Shards by summoning. You will have to get x3 Ope Shards; If and when you get them depends purely on luck. (0.06% probability). Redeem the resources needed for the summon by redeeming A Universal Time codes.

    Where to Find the Ope Devil Fruit in Universal Time

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    The easiest way to find Ope Devil Fruit is to open chests located randomly throughout the map. They are usually guarded, so you will have to defeat enemies to open them. Of course, the chances of this happening are slim to none, but if you come across it this way, consider yourself very lucky.

    How to complete the Doflamingo mission in A Universal Time

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    Talk to Doflamingo NPC, located above the soccer field, to The mission Doflamingo’s Daring Test begins. You also need a skill level 200 to achieve the mission. This quest line has multiple challenges divided into stages.

    Part 1 of Doflamingo’s Daring Trial mission

    • Complete the Search for lost swords – Talk to Zoro NPC to find three swords thrown randomly on the map.
    • Take 5k damage without using a Stand
    • Defeat an enemy without using a Stand.
    • Kill 15 curses using any sword skill.
    • Use Umbral Dash 30 times.
    • Deal 30,000 damage with Anubis.

    Part 2 of the search for Doflamingo

    • Defeat Boa
    • Defeat Minos Prime without using a Stand
    • Complete Save the village mission – Talk to the Quest Dealer and travel to Syrup Village. Talk to Usopp and defeat the Kuro boss (level 75 with 5000 health)
    • Get a reward of 500,000

    Part 3 of the search for Doflamingo

    • Bring x10 Saint Pieces to Doflamingo
    • Collect x7 meteors
    • Search x15 remains of sand
    • Get 250,000 US hard drives

    Part 4 The Search for Doflamingo

    After bringing everything that was asked of you, you must Collect 2.5 million UCoins and bring Law’s limit.. If you remember, Punk Hazard’s Surgeon of Death boss has it. The drop chance is 25%, which is fair compared to other chances in the game. Now you can finally complete Doflamingo’s Daring Trial mission and receive your fruit reward.

    Now that you know how to get Ope Devil Fruit in A Universal Time, check out A Universal Time Trading Value List in Pro Gaming Guides.

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