How to get the maximum possible participation for each heist in GTA 5


    Heists are the fastest way to earn big money in GTA 5. They are complex missions that require careful planning and preparation. You will have the opportunity to pull off five heists in the main story of GTA 5 and in this guide we will cover each one of them and how to get the most money out of them.

    How to get the most money from all heists in GTA 5

    We’ll be covering all five heists chronologically as they occur in the main story. You can earn a lot of money if you do things right, and plenty of opportunities to spend it later. After successfully finishing a heist, you’ll be allowed to replay it however you want, so don’t worry if you made a misstep. There is always another chance.

    Heist 1: The Jewelry Store Job

    We need the following people for this heist:

    • Driver: Karim Denz
    • gunslinger: Packie McCreary
    • hacker: Rickie Lukens
    • Getting closer:B

    Packie is the Gunslinger chosen for this mission because he does the same job for the least amount of money. To unlock Packie, he must complete his task in a Random Event where he listens to a hitchhiking driver for his own Random Event. Rickie Lukens is the right choice for the hacker in this heist because he will delay the alarms longer, giving you enough time to collect all the jewels in the store.

    This is the most optimal play you can make. Other options may even get you a little more money, but they come with complications and aren’t worth the extra hassle in the end. Some will even kill crew members, so you won’t be able to use them for future heists. This particular event will trigger if you choose Norm as Gunslinger. He will crash during the escape, leaving you with his money, but you won’t be able to use it for the rest of the Heists.

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    The expected profit should be:

    • franklin: $293,539
    • Miguel: $1,223,073

    Heist 2: The Merryweather Heist

    There is no optimal way to finish this heist because it is set to fail due to narrative reasons. You can’t successfully finish it no matter what you do, so sit back and watch it all go wrong.

    Heist 3: The Redneck Score

    For this heist, the best Gunslinger options are Packie or Chef. This is going to be an exciting heist because your team has machine guns and full body armor, and you will be facing police forces and army head on. Don’t let them shoot you in the back because every hit you land will lose you some money. You will start with $8,016,020 and there will be an unavoidable loss of $20,000. It will all come down to how well you play and manage not to get shot in the money bags. The total amount must still be more than 8 million. The expected score should be:

    • franklin: $425,000 to $464,000
    • Trevor: $425,000 to $464,000
    • Miguel: $425,000 to $464,000

    Heist 4: The office robbery

    Grab these guys for this Heist team:

    • Driver: Taliana Martinez
    • gunslinger:Norm Richards
    • Hacker: Ricky Lucas
    • Getting closer:B

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    Make sure you have Taliana Martinez unlocked before doing this heist and the next one. She is the cheapest getaway driver and performs well. To unlock her as a driver, you will need to complete her random event called Crash Rescue. Get her to the hospital before she dies and you’ll have her available as a potential driver from that point on in the story.

    In this heist, you will carry out a raid on a federal building. You will need to hack the government server to complete the mission. Rickie Lukens will do a good job on this part. You will finish the hacking minigame faster with a better hacker, but this will not affect your final amount of winnings. The final score should be around $240,000 for Franklin. Michael won’t gain anything in this heist for story related reasons.

    Heist 5: The Big Heist

    Every Heist story has led to this one. Take the following crew for this heist:

    • gunslinger 1: The cheapest option
    • gunslinger 2: The cheapest option
    • Helicopter pilot: Taliana Martinez
    • train conductor: Karim Denz
    • Getting closer:B

    You can earn over 41 million dollars per character by completing this heist. Have Karim drive the train. If you let him fly the helicopter, he will crash. Taliana’s piloting will be fine for this heist and won’t lead to any problems. You should go with the cheapest options available for Gunslingers because they won’t be able to mess anything up. The final amount of money you get from this heist will depend on how well everything goes, so don’t be afraid to repeat the heist if something goes wrong.

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