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    Anime Fighters Simulator is one of the most popular Roblox games with many different activities and items, one of which is the Lord of Creation mount. When you mount this ride, you turn into the Omni King, Xeno from Dragon Ball Super. This mount is one of the most sought-after items in the game, so I’ll be helping you get the Lord of Creation mount in Anime Fighters Simulator. 

    How to Acquire the Lord of Creation Mount in Anime Fighters Simulator

    To get this mount in Anime Fighters Simulator, you have to complete a series of quests for the Sayian God NPC on Mystic Island. To start head to Mystic Island, where you will see Sayian God besides the area where you teleport. Talk to him and he will give you the first quest to kill 30 Andriod 71s. 

    After accepting the quest, kill 30 Andriod 71s by roaming around the island as they are scattered throughout. Once you are done, talk to Sayian God again and this time he will ask you to kill other NPCs on the island called World Destroyers. 

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    You can also find them all over the map and you have to kill 25 of them to get to the next quest. In the next quest, you have to kill 20 Supreme Beings, who are more rare but they are scattered throughout Mystic Island. 

    After these, you have to first kill 10 Fused Gods and then 5 boss enemies called Supreme Destroyers. They are the last enemies, so you will see only a few of them on the island. After killing the destroyers, talk to Sayian God, who will give you the Lord of Creation mount in Anime Fighters. 

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