How to get the Gauntlets of Hill Giant Strength in BG3


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    In Baldur’s Gate 3, amulets and rings are special accessories that can significantly improve your character by granting your magical spells or enhancing your resistance to various damage types. One such rare item is the Gauntlets of Hill Giant Strength which can be found in the House of Hope. Here is how you can obtain this special gauntlet in BG3.

    Where to find the Gauntlets of Hill Giant Strength in BG3?

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    In BG3, the Gauntlets of Hill Giant Strength is a very rare amulet that increases the wearer’s strength to 23. However, this gauntlet can be stolen from the Archives Room inside the House of Hope. You can check the yellow circle on the map image above to see the exact location of the item.

    How to reach House of Hope in BG3

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    The House of Hope is the humble abode of the devil. To enter it, interact with Helsik in the Devil’s Fee shop located north of the Lower City waypoint. To get to the House of Hope you need to open a portal by performing a special ritual. This ritual will require five specific ingredients: SkullDiamondCoin of MammonInfernal Marble, and Incense, and without them, you cannot open the portal to the House of Hope.

    I stole all the items from Helsik by sneaking up on her from behind and pickpocketing her pouch which contains all the items listed above. I consumed the Potion of Invisibility, went behind the front desk, and pickpocketed Helsik while my party members were outside.

    After gathering all the items, head to the second floor in the Devil’s Fee shop, and put all the ingredients accordingly to complete the ritual. Once the portal opens up, you can go to the House of Hope.

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    Should you steal the Gauntlets of Hill Giant Strength in BG3?

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    Stealing the Gauntlets of Hill Giant Strength is optional, but I’d recommend not missing out on this excellent loot item. The Gauntlets are kept on a pressure plate trap, pass the skill check to deactivate the trap. I eliminated the Archivist who resides in the Archives Room, but before that I deceived him through dialogue choices by claiming to be Zariel’s High Inquisitor, Verillius Receptor (a character the Archivist fears).

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    Inside the Archives Room you’ll also find Amulet of Greater Health, make sure to pick it up while you are there. Likewise, if you haven’t signed Raphael’s deal yet, you will find the Orphic Hammer in this room. Alternatively, if you took his deal, then the contract will be sealed shut in this room with a magical barrier.

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    The House of Hope is full of exceptional objects and unique side quests, one of which is rescuing the prisoner Hope. Completing her questline will reward you with the Gloves of Soul Catching, an item that can massively boost Monk builds in Baldur’s Gate 3.

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