How to Get the Free Warm Pretzel Back Snacker Avatar Item in Roblox


    It’s not every day Roblox releases a free avatar item, especially one as delicious looking as this one! For a limited time only, players can claim the Hot pretzel sandwich totally free item by simply visiting the Roblox website. If you’re a big fan of this salty snack or just enjoy expanding your collection of freebies, this is sure to be a solid addition! Continue reading below for a step-by-step guide on how to unlock it.

    How to Claim the Free Warm Pretzel Back Snacker Avatar Item in Roblox

    • To add the Warm Pretzel Back Snacker item to your Robloxian’s inventory, similar to the Berlin Soccer Backpack item, head to the Roblox website and select the avatar shop navigation menu tab at the top of the screen.
    • Next, locate the Avatar Shop search bar, type Warm Pretzel Back Snacker in it and press Get into.
    • The Avatar Store will adjust to show the most relevant answers to your search. However, to further limit these results, we still need to change a couple more things. First, scroll down until you see the Creator header inside the left menu and type Roblox. Then, under that title, where it says Priceselect Free—This will help finalize our consultation.

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    • Selecting these options should drastically reduce the number of results and show us the Hot Salty Snacker item we are looking for.
    • To claim this item, click on your image and select green Get button that appears on your page.
    • To confirm the claim for this item, select the Get now of the pop-up window that appears.
    • The Warm Pretzel Back Snacker item should now be available in your avatar inventory! Please remember that this item is only claimable until October 15, 2023, so it is better to purchase it as soon as possible. To see what this item looks like in-game, check out the image below.
    Screenshot of pro game guides

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