How to get the flame of creation in Minecraft Legends



    Minecraft Legends is a popular spin-off action strategy game where you assemble your forces of the golem and other Overworld creatures to defend their homes from the Piglin invasion. No matter how powerful you are as a warrior, you will still need the help of your allies, of which you will never have enough. Flames are a precious resource that represents your unit limit in the game, and to get more, you will need to obtain Flame of Creation. In this guide, we will explain how.

    How to Craft an Upgrade: Flames of Creation in Minecraft Legends

    You can craft an Upgrade: Flames of Creation in Minecraft Legends near the Well of Destiny, and you will need the following resources to build it:

    • 200 stone
    • 200 prismarines
    • 25 gold

    Getting Stone is pretty simple; You just need to find a stone deposit anywhere in the Overworld and place your box nearby. To get Prismarine and Gold, you will need to destroy the enemy bases. Once you gather enough resources, go to the Well of Destiny and approach one of the four Upgrade Centers. Follow the steps below to build an Upgrade: Flames of Creation:

    Screenshot from MyFullGames

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    • press R to open the Songbook screen.
    • Select the fourth page of the horizontal selection on the left side of the book to open the Enhancements menu.
    • Select the Upgrade: Flames of Creation and add it to the Hotbar by pressing Get into.
    • Press Esc to exit the songbook.
    • Use the mouse scroll wheel to select Upgrade: Flames of Creation.
    • Hold down the right mouse button to place the building outline near the Upgrade Centers. Press the left button to confirm the location.

    Build Upgrade: Flames of Creation will give you a +4 Flame bonus, which means you’ll be able to field four more units with you on the battlefield. However, we recommend being patient and waiting until you gather enough resources to build the game. Upgrade: Greater Flames of Creation, which provides +10 Flames. You will need the following resources to build it:

    • 400 stone
    • 400 Prismarine
    • 100 gold

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