How to get the Egg Suit in Rust


    Easter egg hunts are always fun, except if you’re a fan of the survival game Rust. This particular quest is for the very, very limited edition Egg Suit skin. It is so rare that it is almost impossible to find this cosmetic anywhere. But we know where to look, so here’s how to get the Egg Suit in Rust. However, we are not sure that you will like the solution.

    Where to find Egg Suit in Rust

    There are several ways to get Egg Suit for your character in Rust, but you will have to spend some money. Follow these instructions on how to purchase this Rust cosmetic:

    Get the Egg Suit at Rust’s Item Shop

    Screenshot from MyFullGames

    You can get Egg Suit in Rust by visiting Steam Item Store. Simply add the item to cart, purchase it, and it will be available in-game (if you have it on Steam).

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    Get an Egg Suit on the Steam Market

    Image from MyFullGames

    You can buy Egg Suit from the Steam Market if you have money to spend. We have to warn you that it may be over your budget as the price of this cosmetic was $1800 at the time of writing. Of course, this price was held long before the Egg Suit was released publicly in 2023. Before then, finding the Egg Suit was a matter of prestige.

    How to get Egg Suit in Rare for free

    You cannot get Egg Suit on Rare for free. You can buy it from the Steam store, which will appear in your game. This suit was expensive before because it was in short supply, but now everyone can have it for around $10.

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