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    While Greenville may appear as just another car game on the surface, it actually offers quite a bit of interactivity and gives players a more laidback and realistic role play experience where they can choose a house, make friends, have a job, and spend their days doing whatever they see fit. Because the city of Greenville is so expansive, it’s not surprising that there’s a bunch of secrets to be found, including the one I’ll be going over in this brief guide, the Greenville UFO easter egg.

    How to find the UFO in Greenville

    Unfortunately, the UFO in Greenville shows up at random, meaning there isn’t a specific location on the map where it can be found. According to the badge that corresponds to the UFO easter egg, seeing one is rare, and players who experience it are “lucky to obtain it.” For the best chance at seeing this marvel, I’d suggest just spending time in Greenville! As self explanatory as it may sound, the more time you spend in the experience, the more chance there is for you to be there when the UFO appears. That’s really all there is to it!

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    If you end up spotting the Greenville UFO, consider yourself very lucky. At the time of this article’s publication, less than 20,000 have unlocked the UFO badge! I’d say that’s pretty rare!

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