How to get the Amulet of Greater Health in BG3



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    In Baldur’s Gate 3, rings and amulets are important items that can help boost your character by infusing spells or granting more health while dealing damage. One such exceptional item is the Amulet of Greater Health. This item is hidden in the House of Hope and stealing it is quite beneficial simply because of the boost it provides. Here is how you can get the Amulet of Greater Health in BG3.

    Where to find the Amulet of Greater Health in BG3?

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    The Amulet of Greater Health is a very rare item that increases the wearer’s constitution to 23, making it overpowered for various builds. This item can be stolen from the Archives Room in the House of Hope. Check the yellow circle on the map image above to see the precise location for the amulet.

    How to reach House of Hope in BG3

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    The House of Hope falls under the dominion of the devil, Raphael and to reach it, you will need to open a portal by performing a special ritual. To do the ritual, you will need specific ingredients such as a Skull, Diamond, Coin of Mammon, Infernal Marble, and Incense.

    All these ingredients can be easily stolen from Helsik in the Devil’s Fee shop. You can consume the Potion of Invisibility, sneak up behind her, and pickpocket her pouch which contains all the items you need for the ritual.

    When you have all the items, head to the upper floor of the Devil’s Fee to perform the ritual. Place all the items accordingly and once the portal is open, you can use it to reach House of Hope.

    During your visit to the House of Hope for the amulet, you will also find the Orphic Hammer sealed in the Archives room with a magic spell. Speak the magic words, ‘Give me my heart’s desire‘ to get the hammer (if you haven’t signed Raphael’s deal). Additionally, you can release Hope from imprisonment and she will reward you with the Gloves of Soul Catching.

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    Should you steal the Amulet of Greater Health in BG3?

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    Yes, we recommend stealing the Amulet of Greater Health since the item is build-changing. Stealing it directly alerts the enemies nearby, and they turn hostile. Instead, eliminate the Archivist to get rid of the guards, and then steal the amulet. I followed a similar strategy while getting the Amulet of Greater Health. The amulet is also kept on top of a pressure plate, so deactivate the trap first before collecting it.

    I also convinced the Archivist that I was Zariel’s High Inquisitor, Verillius Receptor through dialogue checks. If you speak to Hope before entering the Archives, she will provide you with this information which comes in handy while tricking the Archivist. He will show you around the archives showing more exceptional items that you can steal in BG3.

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