How to get super samples in Helldivers 2


    If you’re looking for samples in Helldivers 2, then you’re clearly in the market to upgrade your ship modules and upgrade the different stratagems you can use on the battlefield. This guide will show you how to collect the rarest samples in the game: Super Samples.

    Where to find super samples in Helldivers 2

    First things first: Dinner samples only appear in difficulties seven to nine, so make sure you play Suicide Mission or higher to be able to find them. And be careful: Super Samples (or Super Uranium, as the game also calls them) are hard to find. You can only discover them in specific locations on each map.

    This does not include maps for the Eradicate Terminid Swarm, Eradicate Automata Forces, and Recover Essential Personnel missions.

    To truly find super samples, you need to locate a fist shaped rock covered in silver details. Super specimens tend to appear around their base and come in the shape of floating silver balls adorned with a four square symbolwhich makes them quite easy to spot.

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    I think the easiest way to locate this super rock first is to open your map and look for a little grey ball surrounded by a silver outline, as seen above. It is also worth noting that the super sample rock is a point of interest in Helldivers 2, which means you can hover over it on the map and it will tell you if a specific rock is a point of interest or not. You can also activate a Radar season in your game to reveal all points of interest on the map.

    I would recommend choosing a world with clear visibility so you can more easily locate the rock. This means avoiding sandy planets and jungles, as well as any modifiers that affect visibility. Also, take on your mission during the day time moving towards the light side of the planet on the Galactic War map. If you want to maximize the number of super samples, you can collect them in the shortest time.

    So, I found that Blitz missions They are best for farming these samples thanks to their short length, tighter map size, and direct targeting.

    What are supersamples in Helldivers 2?

    Samples are one of the various forms of currency you come across when exploring planets at different difficulty levels in Helldivers 2. Each of the three types of samples (common, rare and super) can be used to unlock crucial upgrades for your ship modules, which can be done through the Ship Management station.

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    As I briefly mentioned, Helldivers 2 has three different types of samples you can collect, although they only appear in certain difficulties. Here’s a quick rundown of the different types of samples and the difficulties they create:

    • Common samples: These are distributed across the game’s nine difficulties.
    • Rare samples: These can only be found on difficulties ranging from four to nine. In the game, these are known as Challenging, Hard, Extreme, Suicide Mission, Impossible, and Helldive.
    • Super samples: These are the hardest samples to find in the game, as they are only available on difficulties seven through nine: Suicide Mission, Impossible, and Helldive.

    To unlock higher difficulties, you must first complete a complete operation about him former difficulty from the level you are trying to unlock. For example, in order to find super samples in the Suicide Mission difficulty, you must finish an operation mission in Extreme first.

    Common and uncommon sample types will allow you to update the first two ship modules in each section. But to unlock the last ship moduleyou will need everything three types of samples: yes, that includes super samples. Crucial note: when you die (and trust me, you will), don’t forget to collect the samples you left in your corpse.

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