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    Quincies are one of the three major powerhouses in Peroxide, and if you have decided to become one, obtaining Schrift is the next step forward. It’s not easy to get the Schrift, and you have to do a few specific tasks for a few times to get it. To help you, I will teach you all the steps starting from a human to becoming a Quicny and getting the Schrift.

    How can I get Schrift in Peroxide?

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    The first thing you have to do is become a Quincy, and you can start by looking for the Quincy Marker that appears when you seek out important locations with reaitsu. Talk to Gunther, who has this marker above him, and he will ask if you want to become a Quincy.

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    Say yes to that and press N to activate your Quincy powers. After that, start leveling up by completing quests and other world activities until you reach level 15. At this level, head over to Yhwach and talk to him. He is the king of Quincies, and you can find him at the top of his castle in Wandenreich. After that, you will have to start and complete the Hunt using the Bounty Medallion device.

    How to complete the Hunt

    The first step to complete the Hunt is to buy the Bounty Medallion device for 150 Yens. You can find it at the General Shop in Wandenreich, which is on the left side of the castle. After that, equip the medallion and use it, which will teleport you to a player whom you have to kill to complete the Hunt.

    If it says there is no one around, keep spam using the device, and it will teleport you to another server. Once you complete the Hunt, talk to Yhwach again, and you will have a 30% chance of getting Schrift. If you did not get it, repeat the Hunt with Bounty Medallion. Each time you fail, your chances will increase by 10%.

    Furthermore, you will gain XP every time you complete the Hunt, so it’s not a wasteful effort. When you finally get the Schrift, you can use it by pressing the G button on your keyboard.

    What is Schrift?

    Schrift is the equivalent of Shikai for Quincies, and you get a bunch of different moves to use when you activate it. The moves you get depend on your luck as there are different types of Schrift, and they are divided into different rarities.

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