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    Honkai: Star Rail’s enemies are extremely formidable, which can make the early game quite challenging. Towards the end of Jarilo-VI’s story, you’ll eventually be able to farm for relics, upgradable sets of equipment that can give your characters a massive power boost.

    Honkai Star Rail Relics: How to Unlock Them

    You will automatically unlock the relics after completing the following prerequisites:

    • Reach Trailblaze level 14
    • Do the Trailblaze quest called “Ones Fallen Into the Abyss”

    In the previous Trailblaze Mission, you will be asked to speak to Natasha in the Great Mine. Doing so will unlock the Relics section in the character menu. However, you won’t be able to farm them until later.

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    Honkai Star Rail Relics: How to Farm

    In order to farm relics on Honkai Star Rail, you must first complete the following prerequisites:

    • Do the Trailblaze mission called “Stars are Cold Toys”

    While doing the above Trailblaze Mission, you will find the first Corrosion Cavern in the corridor of fading echoes. As you get closer, text messages with Welt will appear, unlocking the Cavern of Corrosion section in the Interastral Peace Guide.

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    Corrosion Caverns are domains where you can farm relics. You can find them in the following areas:

    Corrosion Cavern Location relic sets
    icy wind road Storage area, Herta space station Glacial Forest Hunter
    Twilight Line Eagle
    Path of Jabbing Punch Everwinter Hill, Jarilo-VI Streetwise Boxing Champion
    Shooter Meteor Thief
    drift path Fading Echoes Corridor, Jarilo-VI Wandering Cloud Walker
    Wild Wheat Musketeer
    Path of the Holy Hymn Great Mine, Jarilo-VI Palace of the Knights of Purity
    Band of Searing Thunder
    path of conflagration Stagazer Navalia, Xianzhou Luofu lavafire smith
    Wastelander of Banditry Desert
    path of providence Cloudford, Xianzhou Luofu Guard of the Wuthering Snow
    shining stars genie

    costs 40 Pioneer Power to challenge a cavern of corrosion, and you will get random relics from the sets specified above as rewards. I found these challenges hard at first, but they eventually get easier once your characters are set up.

    For more on how to challenge the Cavern of Corrosion, check out our Honkai Star Rail Cavern of Corrosion guides, all locations, team compositions, and more. here at MyFullGames.



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