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    Fire Force Online is an excellent Roblox adaptation of the Shonen anime Fire Force, featuring many elements introduced in the original saga. Press of Death is a technique that unlocks an individual’s full pyrokinetic potential. First learning about it from the show’s second season, I knew that the only way to achieve the state needed to learn this technique was through grueling training, which almost killed the protagonist. This has left me wondering how to get the Press of Death in the Fire Force Online because the Roblox experience doesn’t follow the story linearly. This guide will explain what you must do to acquire this powerful ability.

    Learning the Press of Death in Roblox Fire Force Online, explained

    To obtain the Press of Death ability in Roblox Fire Force Online, you must meet the following conditions:

    • Reach Level 30 with your character.
    •  Get Gripped without getting knocked down. This is the hard part of the challenge because the chance of getting Gripped without going down is very low. It represents the grueling process one must go through to get this ability.

    Once you finally unlock the Press of Death ability, your character will get engulfed by a blue fire in a very cool cutscene sequence. Once you gain it for the first time, it will only last for five seconds, but you can train it to last much longer.

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    How to Reach Level 30 quickly in Fire Force Online

    To reach Level 30 quickly in Fire Force Online, I was grinding through missions until I was Level 25. After that, I focused only on PvP combat to get me to the required level. I didn’t even bother doing the Elite missions because I found that there weren’t a lot of people doing them. The codes for Fire Force Online will also help speed things up for you by Ability, Clan, and Generation rerolls.

    How to extend the Press of Death duration in Fire Force Online

    To extend the duration of the Press of Death’s ability duration in Fire Force Online, you must keep using it frequently. Take every opportunity to activate it when its cooldown is expired. You can train your character to keep the ability active for up to three minutes, making you almost invincible in combat. I used a small macro script and left the game idle overnight, activating it by pressing the G button after a certain time.

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