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    Although players start out with a dash into the Haze Piece, dodging takes some time. In fact, the dodges in this game come in the form of a special ability called Observation Haki. The first level offers some dodges, while the second level offers more. It’s pretty essential for beating bosses later in the game, so here’s how players can get it.

    How to get Observation Haki level 1 in Haze Piece – Roblox

    To obtain the first level of Observation Haki in Haze Piece, players must head to the Marine Base, which is located at the top left of the map.

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    An easy way to get there is to start from Starter Island, sail to the left of Clown Island and pass Tall Woods to reach the Marine Base.

    On the island there is a small hill with some houses. Head there and look for the dancing NPC in the black jacket – that’s the guy who gives Observation Haki. However, to achieve this, players will need these requirements:

    • reach level 600
    • give $150k

    Note that level 1 Observation Haki only offers three dodges. For six dodges, players will need level 2.

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    How to get Observation Haki level 2 in Haze Piece – Roblox

    The NPC that grants level 2 Observation Haki is on Bubble Island (the same place where players get Gear 2).

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    Once players reach the island, they will want to look for this small cabin with a circular roof.

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    Right behind will be the NPC that grants Observation Haki Level 2. These are his requirements:

    • reach level 1500
    • give $200 thousand

    The nice thing about the level requirements is that they match what players will need for the island quests. Therefore, players will need to be level 600 to take quests on the Marine Base anyway, just like they would need to be level 1500 to take quests on Bubble Island. I recommend doing the quests on that island if players don’t have enough money, as those quests would give them more money quickly.

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