How to get Nova Drift – Boop Noodle Achievement


    The Easy Guide to Bop Noodle Success

    Boop Noodle Achievement Guide

    Mods that reduce body size.

    • Streamline: -10%.
    • Super Mode: Leaf on the Wind: -10%.
    • Regression: -4% for every tier 1, up to -24% with 6.
    • Rare Wild Mod: Winnow: -7%, we don’t need it because we have enough.

    Minimum size: 100% – 10% – 10% – 24% – 7% = 49%

    However only 65% ​​size is required for success, which can only be achieved with non-wild mods.


    • Select draft mode, disable wild metamorphosis as it is not needed.
    • Discard weapon and shield, pick research body, re-roll if needed.
    • Try not to pick tier 1 upgrades we don’t need, it’s good to pick Atraxia or Weapon/Shield to save rerolls. We can also eliminate Tier 1 upgrades that we don’t need.
    • Upgrades we want:
      • Better Thruster -> Streamline, take out the other 2 in the tree.
      • Rapid Fire -> Warpath, take out the other 2 in the tree.
      • Super Mode: Leaf on the Wind
      • Performance -> Any level 2, remove other level 2s.
    • With streamline and leaf on wind, you get -20% size, so you need -15% more.
      • Each tier 1 with regression gives you -4%, so make sure you’ve cleared at least 4 tier 1 mods before picking it, it’s easier if you follow step 3. It should be.
    • Change to Leviathan, re-roll/define/level if needed.
    • Success is unlocked, enjoy your little noodle.


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