How to get night vision goggles in Sons of the Forest


    Night Vision Goggles can completely replace the use of flashlights, lighters, and torches in Sons of the Forest. They have no prerequisites to obtain them and can be found in a cave with no threats inside. Many other items can be found nearby, and for players who have played a lot already, this will be easy to spot. This is where Night Vision Goggles can be found in Sons of the Forest and how to use them.

    Where to find the Night Vision Goggles in Sons of the Forest

    east of the area where the Knight V can be found, it is a cave next to a small lake where the Night vision goggles It can be found. It is located in the southwestern part of the island, between the areas where the snow-capped mountains and the grassy plains meet. No other items are needed to reach or find this area, and the skeleton inside will use them. By taking them, players can equip them at any point in their inventory.

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    How to use night vision goggles in Sons of the Forest

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    He Night vision goggles It can be found in the inventory above the starter kit and the flashlight. They require batteries to be able to be used and will use them automatically when they are low. They should only be worn at night and removed when submerged in water or nothing will show from blinding lights during the day or underwater reflective surfaces. Wearing L it will put them on and take them off, but they can also be removed by going to the inventory screen.

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