How to Get More Stamina Jellies in Cookie Run Kingdom


    Stamina Jellies are some of the most important resources in Cookie Run: Kingdom, as they are needed to complete World Exploration stages and Balloon Dock Expeditions, where you can collect ingredients and other resources to upgrade your cookies. Unfortunately, Stamina Jellies are time-limited currencies. They represent the energy system in most games and will naturally recover over time at a rate of x1 Stamina Jelly every five minutes.

    However, there are plenty of other ways to earn Stamina Jellies in the game. If you take part in all of these, you’ll likely have enough to keep you busy with the World Exploration stages every day.

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    All Ways To Get Stamina Jellies In CRK

    Endurance Jellies can be obtained from the following:

    • Recharge using crystals
      • You can recharge x40 Stamina Jellies three times a day. It costs x90 Crystals for the first recharge, x160 for the second recharge, and x300 for the last recharge.
    • source of abundance
      • You can get a number of Stamina Jellies from the Fountain of Plenty each time it is full, based on your Kingdom level.
    • Missions
      • From Story to Odyssey Missions, complete everything to get Stamina Jellies as occasional rewards.
    • events
      • Cookie Run: Kingdom is always packed with events, some of which will reward you with loads of Stamina Jellies. Be careful with the Bounty Missions as they are always giving this resource.
    • Shipments from Tropical Soda Island
    • rainbow shell gallery
      • The Rainbow Shell Gallery is updated every three days with new items, sometimes offering Stamina Jellies in exchange for Rainbow Pearls.
    • Buy in store
      • If you are a spendthrift, you can buy various packs containing Stamina Jellies from the Shop using real life money. Some contenders include the Kingdom Brave Starter Pack and the Adventurer’s Hearty Stamina Jelly Pack.

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