How to get Japanese Liquor in DMZ



    In Call of Duty DMZ, you need to find various objects and items across the maps that are required to unlock passive upgrades for your Operators. Japanese Liquor or Ashika Liquor is one of these items you will require in bulk to complete all of the Wallet Upgrades in DMZ. This item is exceptionally rare, and can only be found on one of the maps in the game. Naturally, you need to know the exact locations to get this item. Here’s how to get Japanese Liquor in DMZ.

    Where to find Japanese Liquor in DMZ

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    Japanese Liquor can be found exclusively on the Ashika Island map in Call of Duty DMZ. This item is known as Ashika Liquor and you can obtain it by looting around certain locations on the map. You can find Ashika Liquor easily by searching drinks cabinets, loot caches, lockers, containers, hidden caches, and other spaces. I’ve found Ashika Liquor at different POIs like Beach Club, Residential, and Port Ashika. You can also eliminate the Juggernaut in the Waterways tunnels and check all the loot lockers and caches in this area to find this item. Ashika Liquor sells for $1000, but I’d recommend exfilling with this item instead of selling it.

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    DMZ Japanese Liquor Exact Locations (map)

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    Ashika Island is a smaller map than Al Mazrah and Vondel, meaning you will find enemies at every POI. Ideally, you need to visit areas with Japanese Liquor spawns, and all of these areas are marked with white circles on the map image above. Areas like Beach Club and Residential are best for finding this rare item. You can also search in heavily-guarded areas like Town Center, Tsuki Castle, Port Ashika, and the Waterways tunnels to find more Japanese Liquor.

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