How to get inside the vault at Eclipsed Estate in Fortnite (Map)



    Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4 has three new POIs and one of them is the Eclipsed Estate. Inside this POI, players will find a vault that holds exceptional loot that you shouldn’t miss out on. Before you get the loot, you must be prepared to fight multiple enemies including the Kado Thorne boss. Here’s everything that you need to know to get inside the vault at the Eclipsed Estate in Fortnite.

    Where is the Eclipsed Estate vault in Fortnite

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    The Eclipsed Estate POI is located on the northwestern side of the map, and the vault is located in the basement of this area. Check the yellow circle on the map image above to see the precise location of this POI. The vault can be accessed through the main building at this POI, but before going there, I recommend eliminating all the players at this POI.

    How to enter the vault at Eclipsed Estate in Fortnite

    Head to the Eclipsed Estate POI, and go down to the basement. You will find the Kado Thorne down there, he’s one of the bosses this season. It’s better to be prepared as you reach the basement since he’s going to attack you immediately. Kado has two shield bars so it should not be a tough fight. I used the Scoped Burst SMG and Twin Mag Assault Rifle which works best at close to mid-range and these weapons have excellent accuracy.

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    Once you eliminate him, he will drop Thorne’s Scoped Burst SMG (mythic) along with the Estates vault key card. Check the image above to see how this vault keycard looks in-game. This keycard will give you access to the vault at Eclipsed Estate.

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    Before entering the vault, it’s best to destroy the Turrets and cameras. Once the camera detects your movement, the Turret will start shooting. It’s ideal to shoot down the camera and Turret before it can target you. Likewise, if you step on the laser field, you will get stuck inside a jail cell. However, the jail cell doors can be broken easily with your pickaxe.

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    Inside the vault, you will find three mythic weapons inside glass barriers. Remember, you can steal any one of the three weapons. As soon as you take the weapon of choice, the alarm goes off, and the rest of the two glass barriers containing the mythic items will go under. Immediately, guards will appear and start shooting. Eliminate them quickly to safely exit the vault with your loot.

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    Besides the mythic weapons, there are several chests, Slap Juice barrels, and other loot inside the vault. Grab the consumables and other essential items that you will find inside the Estates vault. During my playthroughs, I also noticed that the mythic weapons rotate in every game so you might not find the same things as I did. I found the Midas’ Drum Gun and the Foundation’s MK-Seven Assault Rifle from this vault in two different matches.

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