How to get heavy cores in Minecraft


    Heavy Core is one of several items added to Minecraft in the 1.21 Tricky Trials update. If you’re looking for one, I’ll show you exactly where and how to get the Heavy Core in Minecraft.

    Where to find heavy cores in Minecraft

    To find a heavy core in Minecraft, you need to perform a sinister test. I recommend taking on the raider forces to defeat the raid captains who may contain sinister bottles. Defeating them will give you the Sinister Bottle needed to perform a Sinister Test.

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    Next, go to the nearest Trial Chamber. If you’re not sure how to find one, check out our guide on how to locate Trial Chambers. Once there, drink the sinister bottle to achieve the bad omen effect. It should transform into the Trial Omen effect.

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    Now you can face the Sinister Trials. Each Ominous Trial Spawner you face has a chance to drop an Ominous Trial Key. Collect as many as you can to increase your chances of getting the Heavy Core.

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    With the Sinister Keys in hand, explore the test chambers to find all of the structure’s Sinister Vaults. Some of them will be in hard-to-reach spaces that you’ll have to build a path to, while others will be hidden behind walls of Copper Grates. I found that there is always at least one at the top of the main hallway.

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    If luck is on your side, opening one of these Sinister Vaults will give you a Heavy Core! There is a 7.5% chance of obtaining the Heavy Core from one of these vaults.

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    With the Heavy Core in your inventory, head to the surface. If you only plan to make a singular mace, you will only need one. However, if you want to enchant multiple maces in different ways, you may have to visit multiple Test Chambers to obtain enough Heavy Cores.

    What is the Heavy Core used for in Minecraft?

    Currently, the only thing heavy cores are used for is crafting mace. It’s a high-impact weapon with a powerful slam attack! If you want to explore the Testing Chambers, I recommend finding a Heavy Core and a Breeze Rod to try this weapon out for yourself. It is extremely powerful, especially in PvP combat against other players.

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    Are you ready to try Trial Courts but haven’t been able to find any? Check out our best Minecraft Trial Chambers seeds here at MyFullGames.

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